About Us

Our Experience

We have learned the hard way by helping clients with problems or with critical decision making deals

Miguel A. Oliveras has 29 years exclusively in the environmental and safety field ! Worked for Mayor US Environmental Contracting and Consulting Firms, OSHA, EPA, HUD, Department of Defense, Homeland Security and FMCSA Trainer.  Specialized in crisis management, working with financial institutions, law firms and regulatory agencies.  

Our Approach

We build support Teams and Do the Right Thing !

We initiate our relationship with a confidential, no cost meeting to discuss your needs and concerns. We will discuss possible strategies and approaches, but more importantly we will test our mutual chemistry ! If we believe we are on the same side and have mutual trust and respect for your needs and our services, we can formalize an agreement that is great for all parties. If we can not service your needs we will gladly refer you to other reputable professionals in the field !

Why Us?

Peace of Mind with a Experienced, Trustworthy, Reliable and Faithful Partner !

If we want to do things the right way, with transparency, enthusiasm and at the lowest cost possible; but clearly understanding the risks and liabilities involved; we may be the right match to work together to make the correct choices, make better informed decisions, and implement the ideal solutions ! Our mission is to service your needs and build a long term relationship !!